This is the best way I have found over the years that is the tastiest and easiest way to cook Stripers, Hybrids, white bass or any other fish for that matter. First, use a cast iron skillet(or a regular skillet will work) and do a creole Sliced Jalapeno Butter crusted Pan Seared Fish Fillet.


After cleaning your catch and removing the red line in the meat you want to wash it thoroughly. After washing you MUST pat the fish dry with paper towels this is very important for the crusting process. Then with a sharp knife cut very thin sections of the Jalapeno then apply a thin layer of REAL butter and seasoning to you're liking. Let your pan preheat on medium-high setting and place your fillet in. You want it to sizzle and crackle a little bit, After about three minutes flip over and cook another three minutes until fillet turns white...BE CAREFUL DO NOT OVERCOOK.



IF ALL ELSE FAILS ..You can also do a low carb version of frying the fish simply season and fry with no batter comes out great. Pluse this way is better if you are having alot of fried items all at once.

Keep your lines tight and your forks ready