Messin' with the Fish Fishing Guide Service on Lake Tawakoni Texas offers five-hour fishing trips each to fit you're fishing needs. Keith Parks likes to use a variety of artificial baits to land the Stripers, Hybrids and White Bass as it is more of a challenge and just simply more fun. When going  Catfishing on Lake Tawakoni Keith also likes to use a different variety of baits like shad, worms, stink baits, chicken livers, beef livers and hot dogs (well ok maybe not too many hot dogs).  Included in your Fishing trip is all bait gear and tackle as well as your catch cleaned and bagged.  Just bring your weather appropriate fishing gear,  cooler, sunglasses, favorite fishing hat and a  MUST have is a current Texas Parks and Wildlife fishing license.  You can assure I will be your Fishing guide for your trip on beautiful lake tawakoni Texas for stripers, Hybrids or Catfish. The boat you will be fishing from is a 21 ft Aquasport Center Console with  36 volts trolling power to keep up with the schooling fish, covered top to keep the sun off and the most updated electronics. 




Why hire a fishing guide?  As a child, I was always trying different methods to catch fish. Whether tying on a diving crank bait, spinner bait, soft plastic or just using some form of stink or live baits trying always to catch more and bigger fish. As I got older things started getting more complex and expensive purchasing boats, tires, trailers, bearings for trailers, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lures, fishing lines, leaders, weights, hooks, depth finders, GPS, boat registrations, trailer tags, throw nets (plural), scales, awesome fillet knives both electric and standard, dip nets, gas, oil and a truck to pull it all to the lake. Not to mention maintenance repairs, tags, stickers and a host of other things I haven't mentioned. I would say for that person whoe doesn't fish several times a month the price you pay for a fishing guide's knowledge, skills, equipment, personal fishin' spots and time is priceless. Most guides here on Tawakoni will treat you and your family with great respect and do all they can to put you on fish. Just do your homework choose a reputable guide and enjoy a day of fishing on beautiful Lake Tawakoni or your favorite fishin' reservoir....Guide Keith Parks

Give us a call and let's go Messin' with the Fish